Relevance International focuses on both strategic public relations and brand building, and understands how to get a target audience to pay attention, to deliver results that garner attention and help drive business.

The agency is comprised of proactive, dedicated and passionate professionals, and a leadership team with more than 100 years of collective public relations experience. Relevance’s creative and forward-thinking approach has generated press coverage in a broad range of top-tier media outlets spanning five continents, due to its strong press relationships, strategic counsel and deep level of knowledge in real estate, architecture, design, hospitality and luxury brands.

Relevance International knows what it takes to become and stay relevant in today’s fast-paced digital world. The firm creates awareness across all brand touchpoints; they are a step ahead. They manage reputations, build stars, craft brand experiences. Relevance International is a premier strategic brand and public relations advisor.



With the increasingly global nature of property markets, Relevance International is strategically positioned to help developers, investors and brokerages reach target audiences throughout the world. The agency’s leadership has extensive experience in residential, commercial, retail, brokerage, new development, property management and fundraising.

Every project is multi-faceted, and has a property, business, design and market-focused story to tell. From identifying up-and-coming neighborhoods to highlighting trends in building design, Relevance has a counter-intuitive approach to storytelling, and a track record of success in promoting properties throughout their complete life cycle, from launch through sellout, differentiating them from competitive offerings in the market.  The strength of this proven approach is demonstrated by thousands of stories secured in top press outlets around the world. With laser-sharp focus, Relevance can identify the most specific local target or generate the widest international press coverage with finesse.



Relevance International has experience working with design firms of all sizes and specialties from around the world. The agency is passionate about the built environment and is skilled at promoting design clients in a way that touts and elevates the beauty and stature of the work. From a cutting edge skyscraper to the creation of new neighborhoods, Relevance has a sophisticated appreciation of the numerous ways in which design impacts contemporary culture.



Perfectly positioned to represent hospitality brands, individual hotels and resorts, as well as travel brands, the Relevance International team is well versed in creating fully incisive media strategies designed to drive maximum consumer engagement through its network of travel and lifestyle press and influencers. From driving ink and awareness of destinations ranging from exotic islands to thriving business cities; to the launch of a new hotel, resort or brand; or building consumer awareness of the latest cruise, tour operator or airline offering, Relevance International is skilled in implementing PR plans that move the needle for its clients, targeting the traveler and niche markets.  The agency leverages its expertise in the travel and hospitality sector, to help clients maintain a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving market.



Working with luxury, hospitality, food and fashion brands for many years, Relevance International has a deep understanding of building brand experiences that extend across multiple touch points. From creating exceptional events, campaigns, alliances and brand partnerships, as well as securing traditional, digital and broadcast coverage directly targeting a discerning, HNW clientele, Relevance International is a demonstrated leader in the luxe lifestyle space.

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