Relevance International is a full-service public relations agency with a strategic approach to message development and media outreach, to help clients differentiate their brand in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Relevance International delivers meaningful results through a comprehensive range of services including public relations, brand building, social and digital media, direct-to-target marketing, RelevanceEvents and RelevanceTV, the agency’s video arm for storytelling through custom video content.

Our core competencies in public relations include real estate, architecture & design, luxury goods, and travel & hospitality. The agency has significant experience in promoting projects and companies throughout all sectors, and combines its global perspective with local market knowledge to identify opportunities around the world.




Relevance International has long-standing relationships with media, and delivers targeted press results through strategic media campaigns. The agency’s clients are consistently featured in top-tier newspapers and glossy magazines in markets across the U.S. and internationally. The Relevance team is skilled in achieving maximum mileage from stories that raise visibility and build credibility through high-impact media coverage.

Our team of trusted advisors are often called upon for crisis management, and work proactively to develop messaging, respond to reporters, and create media management plans that generate positive coverage while minimizing exposure in critical situations.



Relevance International helps establish a brand for maximum impact on the market. Relevance drives successful ideation and partnerships which lead to lasting, headline-generating campaigns. Relevance has successfully represented clients throughout all business cycles, and consistently establishes the way in which a brand adds value to its target audiences.  Relevance has longstanding relationships with luxury brands, and works to partner and align with the most strategic brands, building brand cache.



RelevanceEvents is a dedicated events solution that coordinates winning event strategies. Anything from an intimate cocktail party, a pop up Supper Club, an InstaMeet or a large scale black-tie gala can be arranged with ease. Similarly, we connect clients with the HNW real estate community, key influencers and journalists at these events, as well as manage all media, invitation and RSVP process, and pre and post promotion. All events are catered to suit specific requirements of the situation including planning, design and production. Relevance draws upon the resources of the entire full-scale production team to make event visions a reality.



For a wide range of audiences from consumers to industry peers, influencers and beyond, Relevance International develops innovative concepts to elevate the profile of a brand in creative ways.  From stunts, street teams, guerilla marketing and more, we frequently garner direct customer engagement for clients.



The launch of a new brand or product, or the rebranding of an established company, is a critical time in the long-term success of a business. Relevance has the expertise, resources and creative approach to develop a media plan that distinguishes a brand, company or project from all others in the market. We work to create new identities in an increasingly competitive marketplace, helping brands find ways to set themselves apart from the crowd. Brands range from Fortune 500 companies, to key projects, to notable individuals.



A compelling digital strategy is crucial for every brand. Our clients trust us to curate and execute captivating strategies and content which in turn builds the ‘buzz’ about their brand whether it be a new residential launch in Brooklyn, a burgeoning architects office or a hot hotel resort in St Barths. Working with the best micro and macro influencers, we leverage the pull of the power-instagrammer and help brands tell their brand story through absorbing images, words and stories across a multitude of social platforms. We strive to increase engagement, build the right audience and build business for clients through tactical digital campaigns.



Relevance International’s dedicated video studio, RelevanceTV, writes and produces footage that tells stories in a way other forms of media cannot. Central to this function, we optimize the searchability of all clients video and can tailor-make projects by producing just one, or a series of videos, forming a more robust campaign.



We strive to quantify results and identify ways to evaluate how these results move the needle.  Relevance challenges itself to deliver the highest possible ROI for clients, and continually develops new metrics for success.

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